“To provide the network, to sustain, promote and support business development in an effort to encourage growth and expansion in the Grand Bahama economy and within a healthy and clean community environment.”


“To Build … To Promote … To Serve”

What Is A Chamber?

A Chamber of Commerce is an action agency designed to meet community needs.  It is a voluntary organization of individuals and businesses that band together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, civic, interests of a community.

How Does It Work?

Committees are the backbone of the Chamber.  They are the units that accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives.  The needs of the community and the Chamber determine the kinds and number of these action groups

What can the chamber of commerce do for me?

Whatever line of business membership in The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce opens a network of shared business interest. Chamber membership enhances engagement in your business sector both locally and abroad.

Who Pays For It?

Finance is on a voluntary basis, a Chamber’s expenses is apportioned among its members, consisting of firms and individuals. Chamber membership is an investment in the present and future of the individuals and the community welfare.


The Chamber provides ideal forum for business and professional colleagues within the private sector to meet one another, to discuss similar interests and to present a united front for the benefit of all members. The Chamber functions through standing committees mandated to address key areas of interest for business. The Chamber is only as effective as its Committees/Members. Any issue that affects businesses will be dealt with by the appropriate Chamber Committee.

Meetings, Seminars, Open-Forums

The Chamber offers its members the forum for development of business relationships, for updates on issues of interest, and for progressive development of our business community.