Why You Should Be A Member Of The Grand Bahama Chamber Of Commerce


  •  It is the best way of joining hands with other businessmen and attacking the problems in your area.
  • Whether we like it or not, we owe something to our community besides taxes and donations. A little of ourselves.
  •  You will exchange ideas and methods with other business leaders. Talents you could not afford to pay for alone.
  • You will have access to valuable information concerning private industry.
  •  You will receive personal satisfaction in achieving results through investments of time and effort.
  • The Chamber works to help the community to progress and the economy to grow.

1. Why Join or rejoin your Chamber of Commerce?

Every living organism experiences growth, and because we consider the Chamber of Commerce to be one of the most vital parts of our business community, we need to see growth in its membership each year.

2. What can the Chamber of Commerce do for me?

In whatever line of business you are presently involved, your membership in the Chamber of Commerce puts you in contact with others who have your common interest, and with whom you may work to deal with any problems which may arise. Your membership enhances your position in your business sector both locally and internationally.

3. Committees

The Chamber provides the means whereby business and professional men and women of the private sector can join together to meet one another, to discuss similar interests and to present a united front for the benefit of all members. The Chamber functions through its many standing committees. The Chamber is only as effective as its Committees/Members. Any problem that Chamber members might have that they feel affect other businesses will be dealt with by the appropriate Chamber Committee.

4. Meetings, Seminars, Open-Forums

The Chamber endeavors to offer its members forums through which they can get to know each other, develop business relationships, listen to speakers with pertinent topics and exchange views.


Membership Application